Visible Learning

Visible Learning

At CTK, we encourage all our students to confidently talk about themselves as active, self-aware learners, and that they are armed with a ‘toolkit’ of strategies to help them learn. 

This information is the basis for us to take on the approach of Visible Learning and our staff have been involved in Professional Learning in a regional project in this area. 

Visible Learning is based on the principles which have been developed from Professor John Hattie’s extensive research into what factors have the biggest impact on student learning. 

In our classrooms, we ensure that explicit learning intentions and success are clear and precise for all students so that they can achieve the most optimal outcome. 

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria 

Students need to know what they are learning, and what is needed in the task to make them successful. These are known as : 

Learning Intentions or WALT (We are learning to….)


Success Criteria or WILF  (What I’m looking for….) 



Feedback is an integral part of all learning and growth. Students at CTK will receive timely, constructive feedback in both formative and summative forms.  


Visible Learning