School Fees

Our commitment to our school families is to offer a high quality Catholic education that is accessible and affordable.

Annual School Fees 2024

Full Fee per Student $2,900
Lower Income Fee per Student $1,740


What is Included:

The tuition fee above covers all tuition, levies and charges for each child’s education.

Extra-curricular activities, excursions, camps, and uniforms are excluded and will be charged separately.

Lower Income Fee:

To be eligible for the lower income fee, you need to qualify as a low income family. This is determined by your family’s gross income and is a $ value set by the State Government.

In the 2021-22 financial year, your family’s gross income needs to be below approximately $66,412 for a family with one school-age child. The limit varies depending on how many dependent children you have.

Proof of income is required and applicants will need to apply via the State Government’s School Card scheme. Application forms can be completed online via the School Card scheme website. School Card Form A and Form B are the most commonly used forms. Printed application forms are available from our front office.  

Our finance manager can help you if you have any questions about applying for the lower income fee.


View our 2024 Fee Schedule and Financial Information


Sibling discount and payment options are listed below

Need help with School Fees?

If you are concerned about your ability to pay schools fees, we strongly encourage you to have a discussion with us. We believe a family’s financial circumstances should not be a barrier to a student accessing a Catholic education.

Sibling Discount

Full Fee 2024

No. of Children Total
1 Child $2,900
2 Children $5,510
3 Children $8,265
4 Children $11,020

$145 discount per sibling applies


Lower Income Fee 2024

No. of Children Total
1 Child $1,740
 2 Children $3,306
3 Children $4,959
4 Children $6,612

$87 discount per sibling applies

Payment Options

Payment Methods

We encourage all families to set up annual, monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment plans.

Payments can be made by setting up an approved Payment plan. Payment plan forms are available below or by emailing

Payment options include:

  • Direct Debit – regular deductions from your bank account (View form)
  • BPay – reference numbers are printed on invoices and statements
  • Credit Card – regular deductions from a Visa or Mastercard (View form)
  • Centrepay – a deduction from Centrelink payments (forms available from the office)
  • Cash

Early Payment Discount

Pay yearly tuition fees early to receive a discount

All Parents/caregivers who pay the entire year’s fees in full by 31 March 2024 will receive a 5% discount off the net Tuition Fee (tuition less sibling discount).

This discount only applies to full fee paying accounts.

Withdrawal of a Student

Student(s) leaving at the end or during a school year:

Parents/caregivers whose child/ren leave Christ the King School during a school term or at the end of the school year must provide a minimum of one term’s notice in writing to the Principal or his/her nominee prior to a student leaving. This is applicable to both current and future students where enrolment acceptance has been confirmed.

Failure to provide a terms notice will result in fees being charged for the following term. Where the withdrawal occurs at the end of the year notice must be made in Term 3. Failure to provide notice in Term 3 will result in fees being charged for the first term of the following year. This is in recognition of the fact that the school is committed to maintaining the employment of teachers on the basis of known enrolments from one term to the next.

We ensure school fees are at a level that maintains quality education for the children whilst having consideration for the financial capacity of the community we serve.