Beyond CTK

Leaving Christ the King School after Year 6

The South West Region comprises of three Tiers of education and our school is one of the fourteen local catholic schools that make up Tier 1.

When in Year 6, many of our students begin transition to our two Tier 2 schools in the Southern Region - Sacred Heart College and Cabra Dominican College. 

The Year 6 students participate in the Journey to Emmaus programme with many of the South West Region R-6 Catholic Schools. Within this programme the children work in teams on leadership and faith-based skills.

Pathway to Catholic Secondary Schools in the South West Region

Children enrolled at Christ the King School are given priority for enrolment into Cabra Dominican College or Sacred Heart College for their middle and secondary education.

The options within the South West Region for schooling after Year 6 are:

Sacred Heart College (Co-Ed) 

  • Champagnat Campus, Mitchell Park - Middle School (Year 7-9)
  • Marcellin Campus, Somerton Park - Senior School (Year 10-12)


Cabra Dominican College (Co-Ed)

  • Cumberland Park (Year 7-12)


A local Government or Independent Yr 7-12 School or College.


Application Process:

Families are encouraged to lodge an enrolment form at your chosen Middle or Secondary School at least 2 years prior to your child/ren starting Middle or Secondary School. Families then follow through with the enrolment process at their chosen Middle & Secondary Schools.

Enrolment processes required to attend these schools need to be followed up by families independently. Christ the King School can assist you with contacting a chosen school but we don't offer middle and secondary enrolment services.