School Canteen

Christ the King School has teamed up with the Seahorse Cafe to offer students and staff an online system for ordering their lunch, one day per week on Wednesdays, during school term. Lunches are ordered via the QKR app.

The Canteen Menu provides healthy and nutritious food and drinks consistent with the South Australian Right Bite Healthy Food & Drink Supply Policy for Schools and Preschools.

The menu aims to support, promote and model healthy eating habits by:

  • Promoting fruit and vegetables
  • Encouraging healthy grains/cereal foods, particularly whole grains (the Canteen uses wholemeal bread)
  • Promoting diary (milk), using reduced fat dairy where possible.  ice creams all meet the Right Bite criteria and are mild based.
  • Ensuring that all juice and frozen juice products are 99% or 100% juice, with a service size of 250ml or less.

To view the menu please click here.


Our  P & F also organise special lunch days for students throughout the year.