Our Story

The story of Christ the King

Prior to 1959, the Brighton Catholic Parish Community was served by the school of St Teresa's Brighton to meet the educational needs of their young school-going children.

Due to the growth of the parish and the small size of St Teresa's, Father William Collins, Brighton's Parish Priest, established another school to meet the changing needs.

In February 1959, Father Collins called on two Good Samaritan Sisters, Sister Agatha Mary Horgan and Sister Chrysanthus Barry to staff a new school with 76 pupils in grade one and two- namely, Christ the King School, Ballara Park.

The school quickly grew to cater for children in Years One through to Seven, with enrolments peaking at 200 in 1972.

In 1978, Christ the King School became a Junior School (a Tier 1 school in a 3 Tier system) catering for children from Reception through to Year Five. In 2019, Christ the King moved to a Reception - Year 6 school. The majority of our students continue their Catholic schooling within the Southern Region at Sacred Heart College (Years 7-12 Coed) or Cabra Dominican College (Years 7-12 Coed). 

Although there have been many changes, vital aspects remain the same and will never change.

The school has always existed to promote the spiritual growth of each child in relation to both understanding the Christian faith as professed by the Catholic Church and expressing this in a life of personal Christian faith, attitudes and conduct. This is fundamental to the existence of Christ the King School, today.

Our Vision

We are a faith-enriched Catholic School inspired by the values of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, respecting diversity, fostering community and providing quality education and learning for all.

Our learning community is built on partnerships with all of our students, families, staff, parish and the wider community. We endeavour to foster relationships and create a learning culture of belonging, hospitality and support that respects and accepts diversity. We respect the dignity of each person and we are ready to serve others and be served by others.

Our Vision