Meet our Staff

Meet our enthusiastic and dedicated staff.  They enjoy working together to provide outstanding opportunities for our students educational, social, spiritual and physical needs.


Perry, Matthew1.jpg

Matthew Perry 

Pascoe, Teresa1.jpg

Teresa Pascoe 

APRIM & Teacher/Librarian 
Heinrich, Emma1.jpg

Emma Heinrich 

Leader of Learning and Inclusion 
Pynor, Bec1.jpg

Rebecca Pynor 

Reception Teacher 

Georgina Rowe 

Reception Teacher 
Winter, Hannah.jpg

Hannah Winter 

Year 1 Teacher 
Sacoutis, Sophia1.jpg

Sophie Sacoutis 

Year 2 Teacher 
Knagge, Lucy.jpg

Lucy Knagge 

Year 3 Teacher 

Jocelynne Gallichan 

Year 4 Teacher 

Annette Denton 

Year 5 Teacher 
Hall, Anne-Marie1.jpg

Anne Marie Hall 

Year 6 Teacher 
Young, Matthew.jpg

Matt Young 

Music/PE Specialist Teacher and Choir Trainer 

Nobue Phillips 

Japanese Teacher 

Niamh McKeough 

Finance Officer 

Di Cook 

Administration/Front Office 
Blake, Meri1.jpg

Meri Blake 

Administration Officer 
Keogh, Cathy1.jpg

Cathy Keogh 

WHS Coordinator 
McCarthy, Doe1.jpg

Doe McCarthy 

Playgroup Coordinator 
Grocke, Frances1.jpg

Frances Grocke 

Classroom Education Support 
Dingle, Robyn1.jpg

Robyn Dingle 

Classroom Education Support 
Fulwood, Di.jpg

Di Fulwood 

Classroom Education Support 
Cowley, Bryant.jpg

Bryant Crowley 

Classroom Education Support 
Camilleri, Gloria.jpg

Gloria Camilleri 

Classroom Education Support 
Harrison, Angus1.jpg

Angus Harrison 

Calssroom Education Support 
Gatter, Cheyann.jpg

Cheyann Gatter 

Classroom Education Support 
Meich, Rob1.jpg

Rob Meich