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Newsletter Term 3 Week 2


Dear families,

Welcome back, it is so wonderful to see all the children return to school with smiling faces.  Just visiting the classrooms over the past day has reinforced how..

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Newsletter Term 2 Week 10


Dear Families,

We have come to the end of Term 2 with so much to be thankful for and the fact that South Australia has been COVID-free for so long.  Let us hope that a lockdown is not imminent for our state. 

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Newsletter Term 2 Week 8


Dear Families,

Over the last fortnight I have attended the South Australia Catholic Primary Principal's Association conference.  The conference theme was 'Outstanding Leadership for Excellent Schools.'  There were a

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Newsletter Term 2 Week 6


Dear Families,

We are well and truly past the halfway mark of the term.  Our teachers are busy writing reports and collating assessment material.  Semester 1 reports will go home in the

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Newsletter Term 2 Week 4


Dear Families,

What a term so far, in each of the classrooms there has been so much happening and we are still only just halfway through the term.

  • Reception and Year 1: A new Literacy approach being implemented called
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Newsletter Term 2 Week 2


Dear Families,

Welcome back to Term 2 and we have certainly hit the ground running.  This term marks the end of Sememster 1 and throughout this term, the teachers will be collating data and assessments to inform the reports which will go out at

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 10


Dear Family and Caregivers,

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of term and Easter for 2021.  This time last year we were in a state of turmoil and worry with the effects of lockdown and school closure.  This year,

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 8


Dear Families,

We are fast approaching the end of the term and preparing for the Catholic Liturgical event of Easter.  In the last few years, Easter has been in the holidays and we have not been able to celebrate the joy surrounding resurrection of Jesus.  We look forward to 

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 6


Dear Families,

Welcome to Week 6, we are well and truly entrenched in our learning and activities across the school and it has been wonderful to see parents eager to be involved in the school's activities.  We had so many helpers with swimming last week and

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 4


Dear families and caregivers,

This week two significant days  in the church calendar have been observed: Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. 

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