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Newsletter Term 4 Week 8


Dear Parents,

We come to that time of year where there is a great deal of worry and anxiety about the transition to a new year level and a new teacher.  These anxieties are normal feelings but it is now we respond to them that makes an eternal difference.  I would like to

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Newsletter Term 4 Week 6


Dear Parents,

We have entered a time of uncertainty for us all but at Christ the King School, we want all our families to know that we are still here for all of you and your children over the next few days.  Be that it is online learning and communication, we still do with heartfelt enthusiasm and dedication. Our

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Newsletter Term 4 Week 4


Dear Families,

As we are entering our final part of the year, I have no doubt that we are going to finish it with the rush of end of year activities.  Looking at the events on the calendar it is apparent that we all need to take some time to breathe because before we know it the Advent and Christmas season will be upon us.  This term

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Newsletter Term 4 Week 2


Dear Families,

Hello from Port Hughes, I am attending the Aquatics camp with the Year 6 students.

I welcome you all back to Term 4 and what a great start it has been!  Everyone has returned enthused and have hit the ground running.  The staff started the Term last week with professional development and learning plus

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Newsletter Term 3 Week 10


Dear Families and Friends of CTK,

Another great term has come to an end with varied learning and authentic experiences for our children.  The experiences come with inside the classroom and wider community events and parent partnership events which all contribute to the life of CTK.

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Newsletter Term 3 Week 8


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week 8 and the lovely Spring weather that is starting to appear.  I love having conversations with the children at Christ the King school, their honesty, curiosity and insights continue to suprise and inspire me.  A timely reminder for me was a wonderful conversation that I had with a Year 1 child who had a visit to my office.  They asked me why

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Newsletter Term 3 Week 6


Dear Parents, 
What a wonderful term this has been and the many highlights that I am privileged to see.  I am able to see the extraordinary in the ordinary moments of the life of a school.  At Christ the King School, every day brings a new experience which is part of our ‘rich normality’ that offers opportunities for children to engage in a variety of ‘Ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing’. In this way we provide a landscape for children to flourish and to grow at Christ the King School. 

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Newsletter Term 3 Week 4


Dear Families,

Welcome to Week 4, I hope you have all been managing the cold mornings and evenings that we have had over the last couple of weeks. Our Year 6 social justice group worked with our School Youth Minister Ben Ellul to coordinate our Winter Warmers Day.

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Newsletter Term 3 Week 2


Dear Families,

Welcome back!
I trust that you will have enjoyed the opportunity to be with your children, just relaxing and enjoying the time together, and hopefully able to move out and about.  The children are very happy to be back, and so many seem to have grown and spurted up over the break. 

A very special warm welcome to our new Reception students who commenced last Monday and have brought such joy to the community. We welcome – Samara, Evie, Isla, Asher and Ashlee. 

Starting school is an exciting time for everyone.  We hope that all the new children and families enjoy their time and learning journey with the Christ the King Community.


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Newsletter Term 2 Week 10


Dear Families, 

The end of Semester 1 is upon us with the hope that we will slowly begin to return to a stable normality.  We pray that our State stays safe and that all people adhere to the advice from our Senior Health advisors.  It was wonderful to see all the children enjoying their creative efforts for Crazy Hair Day last Friday, there were some wonderful designs and creations.  Some staff came up with some clever designs too!!

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