Leadership Program


Students from Year 6 are invited to try out for the Year 6 choir, which then forms part of a combined Catholic schools' choir, performing at the Catholic School's Music Festival. .   

The Catholic School's Music Festival is held at the end of Term 3 at the Festival Theatre.


As student leaders, the Year 6 class explores Canberra for a three night, four day camp as part of their learning journey.

Each year the Year 5 class undertakes a leadership camp during the academic year. Here they are exposed to team work, problem solving and collaborative skills which will assist them in becoming student leaders of the school.

Aussie Sports Expo

In the final term of Year 6 the students spend a day with all the Year 6 students from surrounding Catholic Schools participating in a variety of sport sessions.

This day allow them to meet other students and to gain exposure to different sport types in an informal setting.

Journey to Emmaus

Year 6 students participate in the Journey to Emmaus Program (J2E) where students work in teams on leadership and faith related skills.