Transition process from kindergarten/pre-school

At Christ the King School we strongly believe in the importance of supporting your family as your child makes the transition from kindergarten/pre-school into our school community.


Transitioning to school is a big step and our intention is to help make this transition as easy as possible. We believe in the importance of making connections and building strong relationships with families in order to help the students at Christ the King flourish and grow.

After the enrolment process is complete the transition process into Reception is:

  • A teacher visits your child's kindergarten/pre-school prior to your child commencing.  The teacher will meet with your child so they have a familiar face on the first day of school to help facilitate the transition. The teacher also meets with the kindergarten/pre-school director to discuss any educational or additional needs.
  • Your child will receive a welcome booklet and a letter to share with the family at the kindergarten/pre-school visit.

For students beginning in Term 1 of the new school year:

  • A welcome and orientation evening is held for parents before the first transition visit.  This is to provide the parents with information regarding the transition program and for parents to meet with teacher/s, principal and other school staff.
  • Following the information session parents have an opportunity to meet with other parents in a relaxed, casual gathering where cheese and wine is provided.
  • Transition visits are held on Friday mornings through Term 4 the year before your child commences school.  Dates and times will be forwarded to you prior to your child commencing transition. We offer 8 transition visits which allows:
    • Your child to become familiar with the classroom layout and class and school routines.
    • Your child to make friends with other students who will be starting school with them next year
    • Teachers to get to know your child.
    • Students to become familiar with teachers.
  • A three-way conference at the beginning of Term 1 on the day prior to your child starting school is organised.

Term 3 Intake:

Eligible students may begin school in Term 3.  These students are also visited at their kindergarten/pre-school in the lead up to the transition visits.  Students beginning in Term 3 will be offered 4 transition visits in Term 2 prior to their commencement and a three-way conference held at the beginning of Term 3 is also offered.

Parents of students beginning in Term 3 are invited to attend the Welcome Evening held in Term 4 for the students commencing Reception in the following year.