Playgroup – CTK Kids

CTK Kids - Monday morning's from 9am - 11am (during school terms)

Playgroup is a great time to share with your child

At Christ the King School, we have CTK Kids Playgroup which is held every Monday morning from 9am - 11am. Our Playgroup is a Supported Playgroup in Catholic Education (SPICE).

CTK Kids supports families with the resources that inspire them to play with their child/ren. Children are active learners and learn through play, and when you combine their natural curiosity with a parent or carer’s support and encouragement, you are giving a child valuable learning tools for the future. It provides a powerful way to learn and vital opportunity for families to connect and share in the experience of raising a child.

Introducing play into a child’s day is important as it gives them the chance to experience a wide range of sensory experiences. Children naturally want to play, explore and do so in many ways. When a child plays they develop fine and gross motor skills, early mathematical concepts, the ability to connect with others, and their creative talent.

Come along and join our CTK Kids Playgroup.

CTK Kids - Monday morning's from 9am - 11am (during school terms)

What happens at Playgroup?

At CTK Kids, children choose from a range of activities set up by the Playgroup Coordinator while getting to know other parents and families. 

We welcome any family members who come and join in as well.

During playgroup:

  • Tea and coffee are available for all parents/caregivers. 
  • Parents are responsible for their child/ren while at playgroup.


For more information, please contact:

Doe McCarthy, Playgroup Coordinator
8198 3100

Playgroup Fees

We aim to keep the Christ the King Playgroup fees to a minimum to ensure that families are able to enjoy the benefits.

Fees can be paid by term or per visit. Money collected goes towards the replenishment of craft supplies and upgrading of toys throughout the year.

Term Fee $30
Per Visit $5


Payment can be made at our Front Office on the day. Cash and card are both accepted. 


Parent Testimonial

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with two of your children who helped out in the playgroup this morning. The young boy with blonde hair and an under cut and the girl with a long blonde/brown pony tail played so nicely with my toddler today. The young man commented how cute my little newborn was and said he was crying so he sung him some lullabies. The girl with the pony tail played so nicely doing activities with my little girl. The staff were also very kind and courteous.